Tesla Model S Autopilot Sundown Tesla Model S Autopilot Sundown

In Tesla Model S Problems blog, I complained about having several problems with the Tesla Web Browser for several months. Even after few recent Tesla Software updates, the problems persisted. In this blog, I will share the possible two solutions that may help and improve performance of your Tesla Web Browser. Tesla Web Browser Problems…

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Tesla Autopilot Problems Review Tesla Autopilot Problems Review

I have used different versions of Tesla Autopilot on Philadelphia highways over the past two years or specifically since 2016. The system has always been and still is technologically impressive especially when compared to competition. I am still waiting to find and experience a credible and working competitive autonomous self driving system similar to the…

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Tesla Model S Night Front Lights Blue Tesla Model S Night Front Lights Blue

Recently, there was an article about how the Autopilot is Tesla’s only most lucrative asset. The article did a good job comparing Tesla’s camera based autopilot system versus other’s using LIDAR. LIDAR based systems do offer advantages in accuracy and potentially less software. However, it is a much larger and heavier system and does not…

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Model S Winter Model S Winter

The range loss or increased energy consumption leading to the reduced range in Tesla cars including Tesla Model S is a very common subject in Tesla forums and elsewhere. Depending where you are in the world, you are either not affected by the cold climate, slightly affected, moderately, or severely affected by cold temperatures. I…

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Tesla Autopilot Errors and problems in Rain, Dark, and Summon Tesla Autopilot Errors and problems in Rain, Dark, and Summon

Has anyone noticed that Tesla Autopilot autopilot can see ghosts? In the main driver display, I quite often observe objects and people that do not exist in the real life. So, next time you drive, pay close attention to your driver display because you may just discover your own mysterious objects. This is the second…

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Model S Cabin Cold Winter Snow Model S Cabin Cold Winter Snow

Recently, we had a winter blast coming through the North East. The temperatures stayed around 5 degrees Fahrenheit which is -15 Celsius. These freezing temperatures lasted almost the whole week. I wanted to discuss how cold weather affects Tesla Model S. Freezing Temperatures Decrease Tesla Range Generally, batteries do not like very low temperatures or…

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Tesla Model S 75 Rear Wheel Drive Winter Tesla Model S 75 Rear Wheel Drive Winter

I have finally decided to purchase Tesla Model S 75 2017. Before making the decision, I have researched several electric vehicles (EVs) which were on the market in 2017: Nissan Leaf Chevy Volt Bmw i3 However none of the above were as attractive as Model S because of the following features and advantages that Tesla…

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