Tesla Charging at Tesla Supercharger Tesla Charging at Tesla Supercharger

After driving conventional gas vehicles for long time and since Tesla does not use gas but rather is fully electric and solely relies on a single battery unit, I was having difficulties trying to understand battery range estimations shown in the Tesla’s instrument panel and the Energy App. Both displays should give a better idea…

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Tesla Model S quality and reliability problems Tesla Model S quality and reliability problems

After two years and 24,000 miles, I have decided to share my list of common Tesla Model S quality and reliability problems/issues and tips on how to solve these problems. Overall, the ownership experience and reliability was good and for the most part uneventful despite many customer complaints that I read from forums, online, and…

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Model S Winter Model S Winter

The range loss or increased energy consumption leading to the reduced range in Tesla cars including Tesla Model S is a very common subject in Tesla forums and elsewhere. Depending where you are in the world, you are either not affected by the cold climate, slightly affected, moderately, or severely affected by cold temperatures. I…

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Model S Cabin Cold Winter Snow Model S Cabin Cold Winter Snow

Recently, we had a winter blast coming through the North East. The temperatures stayed around 5 degrees Fahrenheit which is -15 Celsius. These freezing temperatures lasted almost the whole week. I wanted to discuss how cold weather affects Tesla Model S. Freezing Temperatures Decrease Tesla Range Generally, batteries do not like very low temperatures or…

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