Tesla EMF Rating Tesla EMF Rating

Electric and magnetic fields or electromagnetic field (EMF) is a form of radiation from electric power from common devices and from natural and artificial lighting. Since Tesla is an electric car, it logically must emit EMF. Moreover, since Tesla carries a large battery and electric motor that can generate high voltages, Tesla battery must emit…

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Tesla Model S Black Summer Tesla Model S Black Summer

Sport utility vehicles are arguably the most growing segment in the car industry. Every year, SUVs oversell their sedan counterparts by a large margin. Drivers find SUVs more comfortable, safer, and providing more utility over sedans. The elevated seating position offers better visibility and clearance over the road debris, snow, and other road obstacles. Even…

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Tesla Model S Night Front Lights Blue Tesla Model S Night Front Lights Blue

Recently, there was an article about how the Autopilot is Tesla’s only most lucrative asset. The article did a good job comparing Tesla’s camera based autopilot system versus other’s using LIDAR. LIDAR based systems do offer advantages in accuracy and potentially less software. However, it is a much larger and heavier system and does not…

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My family has recently traveled in the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft operated by the Azerbaijan Airlines known as AZAL. This aircraft has several advanced design features including light weight materials, lower overall weight, economical fuel consumption, wings flex and etc. The interior cabin is wide and tall. This design gives passengers a much larger room…

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Tesla Model S Supercharger Egg Harbor Township Tesla Model S Supercharger Egg Harbor Township

When one decides to buy an electric car, the first question that comes to mind: how big is my tank if there is a tank and where do I refill especially on longer trips? Electric cars such as Tesla are designed and built to be more efficient than ICE cars. So the “running out of…

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Model S Winter Model S Winter

The range loss or increased energy consumption leading to the reduced range in Tesla cars including Tesla Model S is a very common subject in Tesla forums and elsewhere. Depending where you are in the world, you are either not affected by the cold climate, slightly affected, moderately, or severely affected by cold temperatures. I…

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Tesla Autopilot Errors and problems in Rain, Dark, and Summon Tesla Autopilot Errors and problems in Rain, Dark, and Summon

Has anyone noticed that Tesla Autopilot autopilot can see ghosts? In the main driver display, I quite often observe objects and people that do not exist in the real life. So, next time you drive, pay close attention to your driver display because you may just discover your own mysterious objects. This is the second…

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Model S Cabin Cold Winter Snow Model S Cabin Cold Winter Snow

Recently, we had a winter blast coming through the North East. The temperatures stayed around 5 degrees Fahrenheit which is -15 Celsius. These freezing temperatures lasted almost the whole week. I wanted to discuss how cold weather affects Tesla Model S. Freezing Temperatures Decrease Tesla Range Generally, batteries do not like very low temperatures or…

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