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AgassiTesla is a Tesla blog about Tesla ownership benefits and problems, interesting facts about Tesla company and its technology such as Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability, Model 3, Model S, X, Y pros and cons, Tesla service and insurance, Tesla care and maintenance tips, articles comparing Tesla cars to other EVs such as Audi E-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Ford Mustang Mach E, and others as they become available for purchase. AgassiTesla also includes articles on on how to use Tesla Autopilot and its related technology including Full Self Driving Capability in everyday driving situations and what to do and not to do. The idea behind AgassiTesla blog is to attract more new drivers to electric cars such as Tesla because EVs are the future and have many benefits over traditional gas powered vehicles. AgassiTesla blog also strives to help current owners to solve few Tesla quality problems and learn new care and maintenance tips. Finally, AgassiTesla is a blog to find information about Tesla technology and its real world usage advantages and disadvantages. AgassiTesla is a blog from the perspective of long time software engineer and architect and long time aviation lover and private pilot.

About Author

I am a software engineer and architect with over 18 years of experience. When my family immigrated to USA from Azerbaijan, a former Soviet Union Republic, in 1993, the Internet was just starting to pick up. I started my higher education in oil and gas extraction and delivery. However, I was always passioned about aviation and computers. Back in 80s, the most popular civil airliner operated by Aeroflot was Tupolev 154 and its many variations. This was my dream airliner when I was a kid. I now have a beautiful die cast model of this legendary people career.

Before we immigrated to USA, I became very interested in personal computers. This was IBM 386 desktop computers with 5′ floppy disks. Access to these machines were limited in Baku, Azerbaijan, but when I could, I spent hours just browsing the white/blue Norton Commander file explorer and learning DOS.

When we came to USA in 1993, there no Internet as we know it today in 2020. I would use my personal IBM 386 desktop and DOS to log into the Unix servers to read emails and browse HTML and Image files. This was all through black and white/green unix shells. Later came Netscape Navigator browser and allowed a more end user friendly experience. Netscape would run on Windows 3.1. Yes, Windows 3.1 if anyone is interested to check out on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_3.1x. The internet connections were very slow back then. Everyone mostly used a dial up connections through the phone lines. I spent most of my days learning how to program in C. I experimented with very basic DOS programs at the beginning. Then started working on some graphics rendering and animations in C. I have spent many hours and days learning this new programming craft which today is so common place. C++ came later along with Windows 95. Java came very much later and was considered a cool language to learn. My first commercial job was however building software for doctors in Visual Basic. Then later, I fully switched to Java. This was old and glory days of the software industry. Everything changed quite a bit since then. If anyone is interested, I can later give my list of things that changed both positively and very negatively.

In 90s, the most popular civil flight simulator was Microsoft Flight Simulator. I remember I started using the Microsoft Flight Simulator version 3 or 4. MS Flight Simulator was as good as it gets to real flying experience. I would spent hours flying in the simulator. I finally decided to get my private license around 1998 after I started my first job programming for a company. This was well spent $3,000 and is really cheap compared to the cost of flying education today. I still remember my first training airplane which was the same airplane I took the check ride on. This was Cherokee Piper PA-28 151 Warrior with N44792 tail number. It is still out there and flying: https://www.fsboauctions.net/product/1974-piper-pa-28-151-warrior. Maybe one day, I will go ahead find this airplane, purchase and refurbish it as new.

My passion for technology continues. Over the years, I worked on many different interesting projects including AI such as speech recognition and clinical speech analytics. And then came along Tesla. Tesla’s approach to combine automobile with software is revolutionary.