How to Inflate Tires on Tesla at Home

Model S 2019 Michellin-245-45-R19 Tire
Model S 2019 Michellin-245-45-R19 Tire

Regularly checking and inflating tires on your Tesla is a basic safety procedure and it helps to optimize performance and reduce battery consumption. I always try to keep tires inflated to the pressures shown on the Tire and Loading Information label. The Tire and Loading Information label is located on the center door pillar and when the driver’s door is open.

I hate going to gas stations especially in the winter so I always used these portable air compressors sold in Pep Boys or Advance Auto Parts. I want to share my experience with these air compressors and suggest some of the features to look for to make inflating your tires at home much easier than it needs to be.

Over the years, I have used many of the portable and small air compressors on Tesla and other cars and experienced many problems. Some problems are more annoying than others. Here is my list of features to look for in a tire compressor for your Tesla tires.

Some Air Compressors Burn Out Fast

Some tire air compressors burn out after only few times of usage. Either they heat up very quickly or their quality overall is just bad. So the first thing you need to make sure is to get air compressor with the overheat protector. Second, do not buy very cheap air compressors. Normally, cheap compressors do not last very long. So, do not to buy the following product:

With low power tire pump, it will take you long time to pump your tires

Powerful Compressor Motor

You need a strong air compressor motor that needs to be able to pump air into your big tires. If you get a weak compressor, it will take forever to inflate tires on your Tesla. And since you are inflating tires at home, it may not be big deal to wait but still I would not want to wait for too long.

Even though this hand tire inflator is very portable and does not require any power supply and would give you a great hand exercise, I would not buy!

Hand tire inflator is not what you need

Power Supply

This is a very important feature of the air compressor that you need to pay attention to. Most compressors come with the standard 12V car cigarette light plug. And I agree it is important to have the 12V power supply especially if you are on the road far from your home. But if you are trying to adjust tire pressure in your garage, dealing with the 12V power supply cord is a big big pain. It is painful to fish power supply wires through the door openings or windows and in the garage small space.

A much better choice is to buy cordless tire air pump with rechargeable battery and with the 12V power supply that you can use with the car cigarette light plug. Cordless tire pumps totally eliminate problems with handling wires especially in small places such as garage.

Tire pump with rechargeable battery

Tire Inflator Valve Connector

As silly as it may sound, but it is a royal pain to attach the air hose to the tire stem. Standing and attaching the standard twist on connector to the tire especially in the cold can be very unpleasant experience and takes long time. Patience is a virtue but why bother if there are quick solutions to this problem. There are several tire inflator hose adapters from twist connector to the easy lock on air chuck. You want that simple and quick lock on air chuck connector.

Lock on Air Chuck Connector Adapter

If you do not want to bother with hose adapters, I would then suggest to go with the tire inflator pump that comes with the lock on air chuck connector versus the standard twist connector.

Powerful tire pump with lock on air chuck connector

Readers, share your favorite tire inflator for your Tesla in the comments section below!

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