Personalized License Plate Ideas for Tesla Owners

Personalized License Plate Ideas for Tesla Owners
Personalized License Plate Ideas for Tesla Owners

Many write about how Tesla owners are generally nerds. If they are not nerds, they love to promote EVs and everything about the lifestyle benefits that it brings. At the same time, many Tesla owners believe in electricity as green energy that will save the Earth and mankind. Whether EVs are really absolutely green and have no flows is still being debated. At the end of the day, however, Tesla owners are a proud bunch and like to believe that they have invested in the new technology that is changing how we think and use automobiles. They also are quite creative with their license/vanity plates which often promote electricity over gas. I, on the other hand, never considered changing my license plates until I realized that the numbers on my license plate are random and have no meaning and are hard to remember. So, from pure practical standpoint, having a custom license plate that I can easily remember goes a long way to simplify life. If I am to consider a custom license plate, why not make it creative and cool as many Tesla owners do.

My plan is not to promote or advertise Elon Musk or EVs and denounce gas. I simply want to have a custom vanity plate that is creative and easily remembered. I love my Tesla and would not mind promoting Tesla and its products. It would also be good to get a cool vanity plate frame at the same time.

Vanity Plate Configurations

Surprisingly or not so, each state has their own rules around vanity plates. In PA license plates can be up to 8 spaces and can have mixed letters/numbers and punctuation. However, you only get 7 characters for letters and numbers and the eighth character needs to be either a space or dash. Note, you are not allowed to have two spaces or two dashes. In PA, you can use this license plate personalization tool to select your favorite vanity plate configuration.

Many drivers use numbers that sound like words in their license plates. This gets really creative. The following is the short list of those numbers with example words:

  • 1 – Won
    • 1-R = wonder
  • 2 – To, too
    • 2-L = tool; 2-R = tour; 2-QR = to cure
  • 4 – For
    • 4-C = foresee; 4-K = fork; B-4 = before; 4-FR = forever
  • 8 – eit
    • Ate; F-8 = fate; L-8 = late; M-8 = mate; H-8 = hate; AV-8 = aviate
  • 9 – nine
    • B-9 = benign
  • 10 – ten
    • E-10 = eaten; 10-S = tennis;

List of Vanity Plate Ideas

I looked on Google and Tesla forums and came up with a short list of names that I liked. This is a combination of names from some other owners and variations that I came up using letters and numbers that sound like words:

  • GO 2 MARS – Go To Mars
  • OF 2 MARS – Off to Mars = my idea
  • H8 GASLN – Hate Gasoline = my idea
  • H8 CO2 – Hate CO2 = my idea
  • EV F8 – EV Fate = my idea
  • EVSUR-F8 – EV is Your Fate = my idea
  • TSLA 4FR – Tesla Forever = my idea
  • 375 VOLT = my idea
  • 300 WH4M – 300 Watt /hours for Mile = my idea

Selecting Vanity Plate and Custom Frame

I need to start deciding on the name soon. I have been researching this for several months now. The thing to realize here is that new license plate is not for life. I can change my vanity plate later if I change my mind. My favorite one so far is: TSLA 4FR. And, there are so many choices of custom license plate frames.

Readers, share your top favorite Tesla vanity plate ideas in the comments section below!

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Personalized License Plate Ideas for Tesla Owners
Personalized License Plate Ideas for Tesla Owners
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