Should I Buy Tesla FSD upgrade?

Should I Buy Tesla FSD upgrade?
Should I Buy Tesla FSD upgrade? Is FSD worth it? FSD pros and cons

Tesla has progressively enhanced and introduced autopilot features over the years. Along with software, the Autopilot hardware has also improved to better support newly introduced software enhancements. I have reviewed the enhanced autopilot in Self Drive With Autopilot review. Nothing is perfect and I have described different autopilot problems in the Autopilot Problems. Recently, Tesla has developed both new hardware and software to support full self driving capability or FSD. Not that long ago, many of us received a new Full Self-Driving Upgrade in the Tesla app. The current cost for FSD is $4,000. There are Twits from Elon warning of future price hikes for FSD.

Should you buy the FSD upgrade? Is it worth the money? Before we get to pros and cons about FSD, lets briefly look at the history of Tesla Autopilot technology and how it progressed over time.

Autopilot 1

Autopilot 1 is where it all started for Tesla. I loved Tesla Autopilot when I first test drove Model S back in 2015. The Autosteer worked so well and Autopark was just as impressive. What features did Autopilot 1 hardware and software support?

  • Speed Assist
  • Lane Assist
  • Autosteer
  • Autopark
  • Auto High Beam

Autopilot 2

With the new 2.0 hardware components and newer software, Autopilot 2 received more sensors and cameras. New cameras were installed on both door pillars, both front fenders, and in the windshield. In addition, there were 12 sensors around the car. What features did Autopilot 2 support?

  • All of the features of Autopilot 1
  • Collision Avoidance Assist
  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
  • Summon
    • This feature allows to automatically park and retrieve Model S while you are standing outside the vehicle. Great feature to use to park your Tesla in a garage and also to drive it out of garage.

Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot received even more enhanced versions of the hardware including 2.5 and 3.0. What are the features supported by EAP?

  • Navigate On Autopilot
    • It allows to automatically exit at off-ramps and interchanges based on your navigation route. On highways and while navigation is enabled, Navigate on Autopilot also changes lanes to prepare for exits and to minimize the driving time to your destination.
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Smart Summon
    • This allows to automatically drive Tesla from remote parking location to the driver. Note, this feature is disabled in public parking lots.

Full Self Driving (FSD)

For Full Self Driving, Tesla has developed a brand new computer with chip and board. FSD includes all of the features of Autopilot 1, 2 and EAP and adds the following new features:

  • Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning
  • Traffic Light Control
  • Autosteer on city streets is coming soon
Full Self Driving Upgrade

If you have the latest (made after 2018) Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X, your Tesla is most likely already equipped with the latest FSD hardware. If you have Tesla made before 2018, this purchase will include the hardware upgrade of your Tesla to the latest FSD computer. Call your local Tesla Service to confirm if you qualify for the upgrade.

Purchasing FSD

Is it worth to purchase FSD at this time? Lets look at the list of pros and cons that might help you to decide.

Consider FSD Upgrade

  • I drive everyday and want to make my driving experience even better with FSD
  • I use Tesla Autopilot everyday
  • I am interested in getting and using the latest FSD software
  • I am afraid the price for FSD will go up as Elon has mentioned in his Twit
  • My Tesla does not have latest autopilot hardware and so I am interested in this upgrade because Tesla may decide to discontinue this upgrade for older cars
    • Note, Tesla has already discontinued battery upgrades/unlocks and now many cars with higher capacity batteries are left with the software limit
  • I am not interested in buying Tesla stock at this time because it is highly overvalued
  • I have a used Tesla and this upgrade could make it more valuable compared to other used Teslas

Here is the Twit from Elon possibly confirming the concern that Tesla stock is too high

Skip FSD Upgrade

  • I do not drive everyday
    • It could be that due to COVID19 pandemic, your work situation has changed and you do not foresee a lot of driving in the future
  • I do not care about Tesla Autopilot
  • I am just not interested in FSD technology
  • I have Autopilot but do not care or afraid to use it
  • I have the latest hardware and can upgrade at a later date
  • I would rather invest $4K in Tesla stock. At the current market price of $885, you will purchase 4.5 shares
  • I do not believe or care if the price for FSD will change

The following are my selections from the lists above:

  • I do not drive everyday anymore due to COVID19 pandemic
  • I do use Autopilot when I drive
  • I am interested in getting and using the latest FSD software
  • My Tesla does not have latest autopilot hardware and so I am interested in this upgrade because Tesla may decide to discontinue this upgrade for older cars
  • I do believe that Tesla stock is too high just as the whole stock market and a big fall is coming
  • I am afraid for the price of FSD going up

From practical stand point, the Traffic Light and Stop Sign warnings feature that comes with FSD is not very useful today because autopilot does not work very well on local or city streets. The Autosteer on city streets is coming soon!

FSD News

Tesla was gracious to offer me a discount to purchase the full self driving upgrade for only $3,000 before promised July price bump. I did not believe Elon and skipped the upgrade for a lowered price. To my regret, the price for FSD did went up to $5,000 in July. Happy the 4th from Tesla 🙂 !

Tesla FSD Price Increase
Tesla FSD Price Increase

Readers, would you consider purchasing Tesla FSD upgrade and why?

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Should I Buy Tesla FSD upgrade?
Should I Buy Tesla FSD upgrade?
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