Tesla Zoom Background

With COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns across country, many of us who are lucky enough to still have a job are full-time working remotely. Remote work involves a lot of remote meetings using video conferencing software such as WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and etc. I am using Zoom Video or Web conferencing software quite a bit for my daily remote meetings. There are many cool Zoom backgrounds but I could not find any Tesla Zoom backgrounds. This blog is for my Tesla Zoom background images that I intend to develop over time.

Tesla Seat Zoom Background

The following is my first simple Tesla seat zoom background.

Tesla Seat Zoom Background
Tesla Seat Zoom Background

Pandemic Home Office

The following items are imperative for the home office living in pandemic.

1. Coffe

2. Face Masks

For your occasional grocery trips.

3. Echo Dot

Echo Dot to quickly get news and weather updates.

4. Comfort Seat Cushion

5. Deep Tissue Massager

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