Tesla Zoom Background

With COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns across country, many of us who are lucky enough to still have a job are full-time working remotely. Remote work involves a lot of remote meetings using video conferencing software such as WebEx, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, YouTube and others. I am mostly using Zoom video conferencing software for my daily remote meetings. I want to share few tips on how to get started with Zoom conference meetings or how to improve them. Also, there are many cool Zoom backgrounds but I could not find any Tesla Zoom backgrounds. In this blog, I also share few of my own Tesla Zoom background images.

Webcam for Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Skype and YouTube

You really do not need a separate camera or webcam for Zoom video conferencing. If your laptop or desktop has a built in camera, this is all you need. However, I found few downsides in using built in cameras.

  • They do not allow you to adjust camera angle
  • Camera moves with your laptop screen so you do not get a consistent video perspective if you need to adjust your laptop screen
  • built in cameras are mostly not high quality
  • They mostly do not have built in microphones

If you are ok to spend a little more money to purchase a separate webcam for your laptop or desktop, I would go for it. Especially, if your company reimburses a stand alone web camera, this is definitely worth it. Added bonus is that many webcams now come with built in microphones.

Microphone for Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Skype and YouTube

As with webcams, it is not a must to purchase a stand alone microphone for your Zoom videoconferencing. Your laptop or desktop mostly likely already has a built in microphone. However, from my extensive experience with microphones, built in microphones are just not as good. The following are common problems with built in microphones.

  • Most built in microphones are not far field. This means you will need to seat very close to your microphone in order to achieve a good quality recording for your video conferencing experience
  • The quality of captured sound can be very low with recording frequencies below 8 Khz. Ideally, you want to select the microphone with recording frequency at least 16 kHz and above
  • Most are omnidirectional so they will try to pick up sounds all around you. Ideally, you want a unidirectional microphone that can record sounds that come directly from you

Again if you are ok to spend a bit more or your company reimburses conferencing equipment, I would suggest to purchase a stand alone good quality microphone for your Zoom video conference calls. There are also webcams that come with built in high quality microphones.

Lighting for Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Skype and YouTube

If you are really serious to create a good Zoom video conferencing experience, I would seriously suggest to purchase stand alone lighting kit. Many times I found myself taking video calls very early in the mornings or late in the evenings when the natural source of light is not available. Also, you might not have good lighting fixtures in your office. The stand alone lighting kits should help to brighten your next video call and can help you look your best.

Tesla Zoom Background

Tesla Seat Zoom background is simple but it works. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Tesla Seat Zoom Background
Tesla Seat Zoom Background

Readers, share what are your favorite Zoom backgrounds?

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