Tesla Front Trunk or Frunk Uses

Tesla Frunk Usage Ideas
Tesla Frunk Usage Ideas

Unlike many other cars, Tesla Model 3, Model S and Mode X are outstanding in that Teslas have the front trunk or Frunk. The reason Tesla cars can have the front trunk is because of their genius design. Tesla is an EV which by its nature is absent of the 144 year old internal combustion engine and its numerous components. This saves a lot of space in the front of the car. Having said that, not all EV cars on the market feature a front trunk. Having a frunk is very cool feature at first, but is it really useful? What are the uses for Tesla Front Trunk? How useful is the Tesla Front Trunk? Can it be used for groceries? In this blog, I want to share my experience and top uses for the Tesla Front Trunk.

Tesla Front Trunk or Frunk Usage Ideas
Tesla Frunk Uses

Tesla Front Trunk Volume Differences

Tesla Model S 2016 and above with the updated facial has a fairly large frunk space but not as big as the older rear wheel drive Tesla Model S models. Tesla Model 3 frunk is actually even larger than Model S frunk. Tesla Model X frunk is also larger than Tesla Model S frunk. So, it seems that owners of the newer Tesla Model S cars are in disadvantage here.

But, is this a big disadvantage that anyone needs to worry about?

Top Uses for Tesla Frunk

  1. Carrying miscellaneous and not essential items that you would not use everyday but want to carry in the car just in case you need them. These items can be but not limited to:
    • Charging cable and adapters
    • Towing bar
    • Portable tire air compressors
    • Sunshades when not used in the winter
  2. Place to carry a Cooler especially in Model 3
  3. I would not use Tesla Frunk for Groceries!

All other uses that I saw or read about are not essential and just down right silly such as: keeping a dog, changing a baby, and etc.

I wish the small spare tire could also fit into the front trunk but unfortunately the volume is limited in the Model S 2016 and above.

Tesla Front Trunk Downsides

Tesla Front Trunk Hard To Close

The main downside with the front trunk is that while it is fairly easy to open, it is not as easy to close. You need to push down on the hood in certain spots in order to close the frunk. This is not the case with the rear trunk. Normally, there are handles to manually close the rear trunk or there is a powered liftgate to auto close trunk. This manual push down on the hood with both hands makes it uncomfortable to regularly use the frunk. This is why I believe the main use for the front trunk is only for items which are not regularly used.

Limited Volume in certain Models

The other downside for the owners of Model S 2016 and above is the limited volume of the front trunk.

I wish Tesla would change the design in the future cars to either add front trunk powered liftgate to auto close or develop handles to help with manually closing the frunk without pushing on the hood.

Also, it would be great to get back the larger front trunk in Model S cars.

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Tesla Front Trunk or Frunk Uses
Tesla Front Trunk or Frunk Uses
Tesla Front Trunk usage ideas. Top uses for Tesla Frunk. Tesla Front Trunk Downsides. Tesla is a car with the front trunk. Is Tesla Frunk Usable for Groceries

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