Top 10 Tesla Accessories

Tesla Accessories Interior Led Lights Strip
Tesla Accessories Interior Led Lights Strip

Best aftermarket Tesla accessories can make Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X’s interior, exterior and ownership feel a little more special and personalized. I want to share my best aftermarket accessories for your Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X to make your everyday commute, ownership better, and make your Tesla stand out from the crowd. None of these accessories are permanent changes to your Tesla and this means they can be changed to new whenever you decide to do so.

Tesla Interior Accessories

Tesla Foot Pedal Pads

Some Tesla’s come with black rubber pedal pads which work but are very boring. To enhance your experience and to add that sporty look to your cabin, I would suggest to get the cool looking Aluminium performance pedal pads.

Decorative Led Lights

Tesla’s interior is fairly dark especially in the winter and after time change. I find myself driving in the dark most of the time. The USB thin led light strip can quickly enhance your driving experience. These come in different colors and length and can quickly be installed. The light strip can be connected to the USB ports both in the front and back of the cabin.

Tesla Interior Led Lights Strip
Tesla Interior Led Lights Strip

Scented Air Diffusers

This is a simple and inexpensive addition to your Tesla but can quickly help to make your interior more comfortable and even healthy. I enjoy this simple diffuser which connects to the 12v port and thus is leaving the USB ports free for other gadgets. Moreover, this diffuser uses natural oils to generate the fragrance which makes it a much healthier choice then chemical based re fresheners.

Tesla Front Window Sunshades

Front Window Sunshades are a must have item in any Tesla if you live anywhere closer to the climate where the temperatures raise over 80 F. There are many types but I think EVANNEX and AutoHeatshield sunshades are one of the best ones.

tesla sunshades
Tesla Sunshades

Tesla Rear Cargo Mats

As a Tesla owner, you cannot live without a good rear cargo mat. I prefer EVANNEX all weather full rear cargo mats.

Tesla All Weather Floor Mats

There are many types of floor mats on the market made specially for Tesla cars. I have been using the Tesla’s original all weather floor mats.

After two years, the Tesla original mats are already showing the signs of wear and tear. I would suggest to find something more durable. Few suggested products:

Tesla Exterior Accessories

Red Exterior Stickers

I believe the red exterior stickers package to accent the Tesla T all around the Tesla Model 3, S and X are a great accessory to add that special accent and sportiness to your Tesla. These stickers go so well on top of the standard chrome.

Tesla Red Wheel Cap Kit

There are so many cool red and carbon fiber caps for your Tesla wheels. This is another must have accessory to accent your great and clean looking Tesla wheels.

Tesla Charging Accessories

Tesla Charger Cable Organizer

The charge cable organizer is a very important accessory to have in your garage. I was very much struggling with placement of the charger cable on my garage floor for a long time before I finally purchased this organizer. Works so well.

Tesla Accessories Wish List

The following is the list of accessories I hope to get in the near future.

Seat Gap Filler

Does the floor around your driver seat or front passenger seat collect a lot of debris? My Tesla floor does have this problem. I was always looking to fix this problem. This Seat Gap Filler should help!

Tesla Front Door Seal Protection Cover

Tesla USB Led Light

The USB led ambient lights should make your rear seat passengers happy.

Tesla Rear Chrome Trim Insert

Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Under Headlight Chrome Inlay Wrap

Under Headlight Stripes

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Top 10 Tesla Accessories
Top 10 Tesla Accessories
Best must have aftermarket Tesla accessories for Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X interior and exterior and ownership feel more special and personalized. Sharing my top Tesla Model 3 accessories, Model S accessories and Model X accessories to make your commute and ownership better, and make your Tesla stand out. Tesla accessories that you can buy on Amazon.

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