Tesla Suspended Battery Upgrades

If you have not noticed but the battery upgrade option is removed from your MyTesla account. If not sure, check now. Tesla has effectively and indefinitely suspended any possible battery upgrades.

If you own a Tesla with software limited battery pack, you will not be able to upgrade or unlock your battery anymore. Tesla is refusing to push a software change to unlock the batteries.

Tesla Service is No Help

I have been asking Tesla Service to reconsider and give me an option to upgrade but they claim that this is a software push from the corporate in California and they will not be able to do this locally.

Tesla Customer Support is No Help

I have been talking to Tesla Customer support and they send me to local Tesla Service claiming that if the option is not in MyTesla account, the local service might still be able to do something. But, local Tesla Service is pointing all fingers towards corporate.

To the question why they did this, I have not received any good explanations or any explanation.

Tesla suffers from Ever Changing Policies and Prices

This is another example of Tesla abruptly changing their policies with their customers with no warnings and no explanations. They just decided to not upgrade batteries anymore.

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