Tesla’s Screen Yellow Border Fix

Tesla Yellow Border Screen
Tesla Yellow Border Screen

For two years, I have been one of the lucky Tesla Model S owners to keep on having the problem with the Tesla Touchscreen developing the yellow border or band around the screen. Tesla Service had replaced my screen twice. But the problem comes back. After each summer season, Model S touchscreen would develop a yellow band and this band gets larger as time goes by. Today is the day Tesla has promised to fix the yellow border problem again. In this blog, I would like to share my ideas about this fix.

Tesla Screen with Thick Yellow Border
Tesla Screen with Thick Yellow Border

High Temperatures

Clearly, Tesla touchscreens cannot withstand long hours in the heat. The yellow band starts to develop by the end of the summer season. Typically, I see the cabin interior to reach over 110 degrees F for weeks in the summer. In the article link below, you can find some information about what types of LCD screens Tesla has been using and that they cannot withstand temperatures above +90 C over long periods of time.


I am not sure if this information is 100% credible or correct but it does appear to be the case that these screens are not automotive grade.

Many IPhone and IPad devices develop similar yellow border or yellow screen problems.

Tesla Yellow Border Screen
Tesla Yellow Border Screen

Screen Yellow Border Fix Solution One

Tesla Support suggests to buy new screen. They claim new screens do not have this problem. These screens are not under warranty and must be purchased new. Maybe the new screens are more automotive grade and will sustain the high temperatures. But, I have two questions:

  • Why the new screens are not under warranty
  • What is the guarantee that new screens are actually better than old

Screen Yellow Border Fix Solution Two

Tesla service is fixing my touch screen currently using the UV lamp instead of putting in the brand new LCD. I was told that after several hours of treating with this lamp, the yellow border should be removed and the screen will be as new. I was not told how the UV lamp can actually this fix problem. The wait for Tesla service to perform this fix is at least one day. The wait for them to start performing this fix was months. There is a long line of customers waiting for this fix. It just tells you how many customers have this problem in my area only. However, Tesla claims only few customers have this issue.

I do not believe that UV lamp alone can or will fix the yellow edged Tesla touch screens.

I think the problem is with the glass screen digitizer glued onto the LCD screen. The yellow edging is in between the glass and the screen. So what Tesla is actually doing is replacing the LCD screen digitizer. The UV lamp is needed in order to to dry the glue after gluing LCD to the screen digitizer making your LCD stick to Glass firmly without glue trace.

The same procedure is done to fix the similar problem with some IPhone and IPad screens.

Tesla Service Experience is Not Best

I will write a separate blog about Tesla Service experience but it is not the best. I am very surprised why Tesla refuses to change these screens for existing customers under warranty. Tesla claims this is a cosmetic issue and does not prevent normal usage. In my case, I observed the yellow line getting larger.

Ever Changing Tesla Warranty Policies and Programs are Disappointing!

Tesla seem to frequently change their policies and programs and their car prices. For example, in addition to refusing to replace defective yellow edged screens, Tesla also stopped upgrading batteries for customers with limited by software batteries indefinitely.

These warranty policy changes are disappointing and force customers to think twice before buying a Tesla vehicle.

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Tesla's Screen Yellow Border Fix
Tesla's Screen Yellow Border Fix
Tesla screen yellow border problem and its solutions offered by Tesla. Unpleasant Tesla service experience. Ever changing Tesla Warranty, Policies and Prices are disappointing.

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