Tesla Model S Tires

Tesla Model S Eagle Touring Tire

What are the best tires for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X? Tires and wheels affect your driving experience, performance, and of course safety. There are many brands and choices. I always find it hard to make a particular selection. But before you make an effort, I feel that you need to start setting your priorities. What are your priorities? Safety and Price; Performance and Price; Performance and Safety and Price. The choice could also be to stay with Tesla OEM tires or choose something else. Tesla OEM tires are not always the best choice, however. This was the case with Tesla Model S 2017 which came with Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. I want to share my experience with Tesla OEM tires and offer some recommendations on what to choose next.

Good Year Eagle Touring All Weather Tires

The Original Equipment tire on my Model S was a GoodYear Eagle Touring

This is a special tire for Tesla and it claims to have the Sound Comfort Tech.

I have not had a great experience with these tires. Traction is not good in rain and snow. These tires often loose grip when accelerating fast in rain. Also, they do wear out fast. Finally, the stopping distance is not particularly great. However, these tires are fairly quite.

Here is the picture of the GoodYear Eagle Touring tire with the special sound padding inside:

GoodYear Eagle Touring with Sound Padding

Continental PureContact LS All Weather Tires

After doing research, I have decided on the Continental PureContact LS XL 245/45R-19 tires:

Tesla Model S Continental PureContact LS XL

Continental PureContanct LS Update

So, far my new tires are doing great. Except, I do notice a bit of the noise especially around 40 mile per hour. The Goodyear Eagles did not have this problem maybe due to the noise cushion that they have. But, I feel the road traction in wet and ice is much better with PureContanct LS tires. I am going to ask Tesla service to check the tire balance to make sure this is not causing the noise.

One more note, I was at the Tesla Service recently to get my headlights replaced under warranty. All new Tesla Model X cars have Continental Pure Contact LS tires. And all new Tesla Model S cars have the Michelin tires now.

Continental PureContanct LS Latest Update

I wanted to update this blog with my latest experience with the Continental PureContanct LS tires. All was going well for one year until I have recently discovered air leak from my left rear tire. It is slowly loosing pressure. I had a similar problem with my right rear tire before but with Good Year tires. I was hoping to not have this problem with Continental tires.

I believe that there are top 3 major factors contributing to the these tire issues:

  1. Terrible pot hole rigged and never to be fixed highways and roads in Philadelphia area
  2. Low profile wheels and tires such as 19 inch on the Model S
  3. My careless driving over pot hole rigged and never to be fixed roads

I had very similar tire problems with the Audi A6 which had 18′ inch wheels. More problems with the Audi which had 21 inch wheels.

Conclusion, be ready to change tires often if you drive low profile tires in the areas with bad roads!

Tesla Model S 2019 OEM Tire

The 2019 Tesla Model S is equipped with the Michellin Pilot Sport 4 245/45 R19 Tires

Model S 2019 Michellin-245-45-R19 Tire
Model S 2019 Michellin-245-45-R19 Tire

Tesla Model 3 2019 OEM Tire

For 2019, Tesla Model 3 has the Continental ProContact 235/40 R19 96 W M *S Tires

Model 3 Continental ProContact Tire
Model 3 Continental ProContact Tire

Tesla Model X 2019 OEM Tire

The 2019 Tesla Model X carries the Pirelli Scorpion Zero 285/35 ZR 22 106 W

2019 Model X Pirelli Tire
2019 Model X Pirelli Tire
2019 Model X Pirelli Scorpion Zero 285-35-zr-22
2019 Model X Pirelli Scorpion Zero 285-35-zr-22

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Tesla Tires
Tesla Tires
Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 tires choices and problems including Good Year, Continental, Michelin tires. Problems with low profile tires wheels on potholes rigged highways and roads. Rear wheel drive

7 Comments on "Tesla Model S Tires"

  1. Great info!

    Did the tires get any quieter after more time or after rebalancing?
    Did they impact the range at all?

    Thanks for posting


    1. Hi Geoff
      After driving for some time, I do notice that these tires are getting quieter at around 40 mph. But this may also be different road conditions affecting the noise. Regarding the range, I did not notice any significant range reduction or increase. But this is a good point, I do have the data from the car and I can potentially check that. However, currently, the cold weather affects the weather more than anything.


  2. I’m currently looking between Michelin Primacy MXM4 vs Conti PureContact. Any suggestions ?


    1. In Tirerack, Michelin Primacy MXM4 are $219 / tire for Model S R19 original equipment. The Conti PureContact + EcoPlus for the same Model S with R19 are $217.99 / tire. Based on the price, this is a tie. Michelin Primacy tires are reputable and high quality and I hear from many that they would go for Michelin’s first before they try Continentals. I never tried Michelin’s but reviews are good. I do have a good experience with the Conti Pure Contact. However, I also do hear the tire noise at around 40 mph on some roads. My tires are still new and so I am waiting to see if they have the same rode noise later. But overall and so far, the Conti Pure Contact tires work well on my Model S.


    1. Hi Chuck
      I believe none of these tires except the Good Year Tires have an acoustic foam. Continental tires that I have also do not have this acoustic foam. But I do not notice much of the road noise. This is not to say that there is no road noise 🙂


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