Best Tesla Air Freshener

Tesla Air Refreshener Essential Oils
Tesla Air Refreshener Essential Oils

Having a fresh air scent in your Tesla Model 3, S and X is probably one of the most important aspects of driving Tesla everyday. We all love the new car smell and would love to keep it for as long as it is possible. There are many products on the market trying to imitate the new car smell but to my opinion most fail miserably. In this blog, I am going to suggest new and best Tesla Model 3, S and X air freshener.

The new car scent is really the mix of smells coming from the new leather, plastic, and glue. This is a toxic mixed bag of smells and we really should not want that scent to stay in the cabin for too long.

There are many choices of scents on the market besides the all desired new car scent. There are also many designs and choices on packaging and plugins. I am not going to review all of these different variations. My focus is more on the scents and their quality. The scent choices are usually between artificial and more natural.

Tesla Spa is a concept which can not only make your drive more enjoyable but also promote potential positive health benefits. Tesla makes your drive back from the hard working day or from a stressful family event easier by awarding you with the quite cabin and autopilot which can reduce your workload on highways and in heavy traffic. The real time traffic information in the navigation display keeps you up to date on what is happening on the roads and calculates the best routes. The big display in the center of the cabin gives you all of the information that you need including the wide angle rear camera allowing to spot traffic in both left and right blind spots. Refreshing or relaxing natural scent in the cabin will add an even more enjoyment and relaxation to an already comfortable driving experience.

Artificial Air Fresheners

These are the most common scents that you can find absolutely anywhere. Starting from grocery stores, shopping malls, car shops such as Pep Boys and Advanced Auto Parts, and Amazon, all sell different types of artificial scents. They are sold in wide variety of packaging that you can clip on to your air vents, attach to Tesla USB ports or 12 V outlet or just place on the floor or rear trunk. Because there are so many varieties, it is easier to find cheaper products.

I have tried different ones including air freshener vent clips and air refreshing floor containers. I had the containers on both main cabin floor and the rear trunk floor. All worked with different levels of success in what I was trying to achieve. My main goal was to have a cabin without strange smells from carpets and seats and etc. I was not even thinking about any potential health benefits.

The main problem with all of the artificial air fresheners is that they are synthetic. So they last longer than natural but the scents are very strong and not real. Also, they do not have any health benefits and in fact may harm you over long period of time. I would not suggest them for your next
Tesla Model 3 air freshener choice.

Organic Scents

The real health benefits in addition to the fresh cabin air come from the aromatherapy. The best option here is the 100% natural essential oils. There are many types of oils and all have different potential health benefits. So far, I have tried the following: Bergamot, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Valerian root.

All are great to have in Tesla cabin. They are relaxing, refreshing and healing. The one that I especially like is the Eucalyptus. Very beneficial for your sinuses and lungs. I would get a several month supply of this essential oil:

Eucalyptus is very beneficial for lungs and for clearing up the nasal congestion especially in the Winter months. I am currently using the following oil diffuser:

Essential Oil Diffuser

The pads are inserted into the diffuser and you can dispense the oil drops through the opening on top without taking the diffuser out from the outlet. Here is the diffuser plugged into the Tesla Model S 12 V outlet:

Oil Diffuser Plugged in to Tesla 12 V Outlet

The good part about using 12 V outlet versus air vents clips and USB ports is that it is the least used port in the cars these days. The 12 V port also has a heating element which slowly heats up the pad with oil and in few minutes your cabin is filled with the scent from the essential oil.

This setup has worked very well for me so far. The cool part is that you can even mix different essential oils by simply dispensing different oils into the unit. The strong scent stays in the cabin for at least one day. Then it starts to slowly disseminate but still when you first open the door and enter the cabin from outside, you can still feel the oils.

After I preheat the Tesla in the garage using the mobile app in the cold winter mornings, I can feel the oil scents escaping through those cool auto ejecting Tesla door handles and it makes me feel good. On one hand, I feel nice and cool, but on the other hand, I think these door handles are not insulated properly and leak so much warm air. But, this is a different subject all together.

Valerian root essential oil is another one which can be very beneficial for your health. It promotes calm and relaxes your nervous system. However, this oil can make you drowsy and maybe not the best one to use when driving.

Bergamot, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, and many citrus essential oils are all known for promoting energy and other health benefits.

I would suggest to use natural essential oils as your next choice for
Tesla Model 3 air freshener.

Leather Essential Oil

Recently, I have realized that one of the main ingredients of the new car smell is its new leather in addition to plastic and glue and other chemicals. I have tried the Leather Essential Oil in Tesla. The usage is similar to other oils. Release several droplets onto the pad and slide the pad into the diffuser. I am using the same diffuser as for other essential oils.

I like the results. I do sense the new leather scent in the car and it does last for few days. Try this product for your next Tesla Model 3 air freshener:

Final Note

I believe having the essential oils diffuser in your Tesla is a great addition to your cabin. I have been enjoying different scents for few months now and do advise everyone to try. In contrast to artificial air fresheners, oils do not last for long time. The strong scent stays for only one day and slowly evaporates over next few days. But, it is easy to replenish and start over. This is better than inhaling a potentially harmful artificial air fresheners. Enjoy and leave your comments below. Share you experiences with air freshener products!

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Best Tesla Air Freshener
Best Tesla Air Freshener
Best air fresheners and scents choices for Tesla Model 3, S and X. Fresh, new car smell for Tesla Model 3, S and X with health benefits.

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