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Tesla Model S Autopilot Sundown
Tesla Model S Autopilot Sundown

In Tesla Model S Problems blog, I complained about having several problems with the Tesla Web Browser for several months. Even after few recent Tesla Software updates, the problems persisted. In this blog, I will share the possible two solutions that may help and improve performance of your Tesla Web Browser.

Tesla Web Browser Problems

My list of issues with the browser includes the following:

  • Browser is extremely slow and annoyingly unresponsive when using any of these Internet connections: LTE, WiFi, or Phone Hot Spot
  • Browser seems to deceivingly work for 1 minute or so but then go back to being stuck and loading forever
  • The latest software updates did not fix anything as claimed by Tesla Service

I believe my car has older MCU or hardware and so it has a slower browser. I recently visited Tesla Service again and they have suggested the following solutions to keep the Web Browser working.

Slow Web Browser Solutions

Try the following two solutions to speed up, wake up, or unstuck your Tesla Web Browser. These solutions did work for me.

Clear Navigation History

You need to clear your navigation history because a lot of items in the history fragments the memory of the Tesla Touch Screen and slows down the browser. I was really surprised to discover this. How much memory can a single Navigation item take?

Tesla Touch Screen Navigation History

To remove navigation history items, click and drag each item to the left. Tesla Service cleared all my items in the history and now I have to enter many of the items back again. At least, the Tesla App allows to share the Navigation points from the Google Maps into the car.

This means that now I have to keep track how many items I have in this list and if it grows to having many items, I need to periodically clear it if I want to use the browser. There must be a better way to handle this!

Clear Trip Counters

The second solution is even more strange than the first one. You need to clear your trip counters. The large trip counter numbers also fragment the memory and affects the Web Browser performance.

Tesla Model S Trips

Tesla Service has reset all of my trip computers. I do not understand how this set of limited numbers can occupy so much memory that it affects the Web Browser.

This also means that I now need to periodically reset all of my trip counters in order to keep my browser working. There must be a better way to handle this !

These solutions lead me to believe that the hardware in my Tesla Model S does not seem to have enough memory to hold many navigational way points and large numbers in trip counters.

This could also mean that the future software updates with new features built for bigger and better hardware would cause more issues when running in my outdated hardware. This would mean that I would have to eventually cease to use features or upgrade hardware. Tesla has not offered any hardware upgrades yet. Will they offer upgrades or make us buy newer Tesla models. Apple seem to force us into buying new phones after software upgrades.

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