2019 Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X: First Look

2019 Tesla Model X versus 2019 Jaguar I-Pace
2019 Tesla Model X versus 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Two years ago, there were only few EV sedan cars available for purchase. When I was looking to buy Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X was just introduced and was the only fully electric SUV choice. The most impressive feature of the Model X to my family was the gull-wing or the falcon wing doors. Only few production cars had these gull wing doors and one of them was from the Mercedes-Benz. Few airplanes also have this style of doors including modern Cirrus SR20 and SR22. We have mistakenly called them Lamborghini style doors or the LSD doors when in fact these doors are more scissor doors. Many think these doors are silly and not very useful. We believe these doors do have utility and if you have decided to spend $90 K on the car, it should better have something unique to show.

The long range Model X with a good set of options comes out to $90 K before estimated savings. The long range Model S with the same set of options also has a price tag close to $ 89 K. To me, the prices are very close and both are high.

It is not clear from the Tesla’s web site if the air suspension option is still offered. It seems that it is now standard in both Model S and X cars but this feature is not listed in the list of standard features. Strange!

After two years of us driving Model S 75 R, there are new comers to the EV market. One of them is Jaguar. The following are my first impressions about this new electric SUV.


Note, we have only seen the I-Pace in-person for a short period of time but planning a longer test drive very soon. From the online pictures and videos, Jaguar I-Pace is a good looking SUV both externally and internally.


Externally, we love the front with its aerodynamic grill and opening on the hood and sleek headlights. The overall shape of the body is very aerodynamic and streamlined. The doors have the cool Model X-like extendable handles. The back is also cool with a very sleek top spoiler. The Jaguar emblem in the back is really good looking. The one downside in the back is that it looks a bit busy with all the lines.

Jaguar I-Pace does not have the cool Model X falcon wings. And, we love those falcon wings. They make the whole car look cool. We also like how the front doors can be auto closed. We wish the Model S would have this feature.


The cabin in the I-Pace has a really good design and rich materials. Seats and dashboard have real leather with heating and ventilation. Each door has adjustable mood lights. The wheel is a combination of leather and chrome trim. The central control unit is divided into two parts. The top screen and the bottom screen with buttons. The design is good but a bit busy with screens and buttons. The main driver display is all digital similar to Tesla cars. The front seats seem to be roomier than back seats. This is the one downside that we see in this car. The back seats are not as big.

We love the Model X’s minimalistic modern design style in the cabin. The single main display and no buttons simplifies life of the daily driver. Also, it simplifies the learning curve after the software updates are pushed and installed all in one place. One feature that we wish the Tesla’s main display would have is the haptic touch. This is now available in Audi’s new E-Tron SUV.


I-Pace comes with two electric motors one in front and one in the back. The all wheel setup similar to the Tesla Model X. The motors can generate 394 HP and 512 Lb-Ft of torque and are powered by 90 kWh battery. The estimated range is 234 miles. The current offered long range Tesla Model X has a capacity for 295 miles of range. The 60 miles range difference is a fairly significant difference.

We think that Tesla Model X has an advantage over the Jaguar I-Pace in term of the range. Also, we are not sure if Jaguar can or will replace its batteries under warranty similar to Tesla.

I-Pace also has the Eco Mode feature which helps to save range by reducing energy consumption. This is very similar to the two Tesla’s features: Chill Mode and Range Mode.


Jaguar I-Pace does offer all of the modern safety and navigation features. There is even Head-Up display. It would be great if Tesla would also offer the Head-Up display in the near future.

It seems that Jaguar is also offering the over the aid updates with the I-Pace. However, I think this is only available for the top screen. The bottom screen will have the same software.

Jaguar also offers the lane keep assist, radar controlled speed, lane departure warning and collision warning. These features are very similar to the Tesla’s Autopilot. However, there is a big caveat here. The lane keep assist does not really work similar to Tesla’s autopilot. It does not seem to keep the car in the lane as stable and firm as Tesla’s system.

After two years of driving Model S, we grew to love the Tesla’s autopilot and especially the auto steer feature. We still yet to find the car that has as effective auto steer as Tesla’s.


Jaguar I-Pace can be charged in any public charge station for free and for charge. Drivers cannot access the Tesla’s Super charging network.

We believe that Tesla drivers clearly have a big advantage in this area because they have access to such a wide and growing charging infrastructure.

The in-home charging is same as with any Tesla car. Need to install the home 240 volt outlet to charge both types of cars.


It is clear that the EV market is growing and there will be more competitive choices. The prices are still quite high especially in the EV SUV segment. More competition should hopefully benefit consumers and stabilize the prices. We believe that Jaguar I-Pace is a very good all electric SUV and shines especially in the off road handling. I saw some videos of people driving the I-Pace through the streams of water and up the mountains with potholes and rocks. I-Pace is a very good handling SUV in both dry, wet , snow and ice conditions. The exterior and interior design is outstanding and for Jag lovers this will be a very pleasant SUV to have.

We believe the Jaguar I-Pace will appeal to customers who like the Jaguar brand and not so much focused on the technology it has to offer. The technology installed in this car cannot match Tesla’s especially the autopilot. The Tesla’s auto steer capabilities are solid and work. Tesla Model X also exceeds Jaguar in the supported range. We also like the Tesla’s streamlined displays containing all controls needed for the car which allows Tesla to update the look and feel for all car controls at the same time when the new version of the software is ready for the upgrade.

Finally, Tesla has a big advantage with their growing Supercharging network. This network is also being enhanced to support faster charging albeit only available to the new models with latest hardware. And, Tesla is not being supportive of retrospective hardware upgrades. I believe they want people to buy new cars in order to get new hardware just like IPhones. I have been asking for a possible hardware upgrade for my car and always received no for an answer.

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2019 Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X: First Look
2019 Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X: First Look
2019 Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X SUV. Compare Tesla Model X and Jaguar I Pace: prices, specs, features, safety, cargo volume, gas mileage, performance, comfort, maintenance, software updates, and driver assistance.

4 Comments on "2019 Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X: First Look"

  1. You failed to mention handling, a critical facet of any car, but particularly one touted as a SPORT Utility Vehicle. I’ve driven both: the I-Pace handles like a sports car, while the X handles like a school bus. Oh, and don’t get me started about build quality… a non-starter for Tesla.


    1. I did not want to comment on handling before I drive I-Pace versus Model X. I did hear that I-Pace handles very well.


    2. I have a late 2018 MX and the build quality isn’t as bad as many would think, I know they had their issues and I’ve seen that in others but it really has stepped up.


  2. You failed to mention how hard it is for a 6-footer to get in the rear seats. You have to be young and flexible or short. That’s a major flaw for me, and one shared by the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S. I just can’t bring myself to pay this kind of money for what is essentially a 2-seater car.
    I did not test drive the Jaguar, but for the kind of day-to-day driving I do the handling of my Model X is superb. But I do agree the X feels big, especially when parking or driving in cramped areas.
    I also agree that the Model X is the natural comparison vehicle to the I-Pace, given the pricing. But I suppose Jaguar buyers are used to the high pricing so brand loyalty may win out. I do hope they take a test drive in the I-Pace before shopping the gas Jaguars.


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