Auto Dimming Windows

My family has recently traveled in the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft operated by the Azerbaijan Airlines known as AZAL. This aircraft has several advanced design features including light weight materials, lower overall weight, economical fuel consumption, wings flex and etc.

The interior cabin is wide and tall. This design gives passengers a much larger room to move and breathe versus being claustrophobically locked in the aluminium tube for long hours.

The seats appear to be more roomier and more flexible than in the standard airliners. Each seat gets a large touch screen display. Overhead bins are much roomier and easy to operate.

Azal Airline Service

I have to thank Azerbaijan Airlines for the great in flight service. Everyone was so nice and helpful. In the economy class, we were served four separate meals during the 10+ hour flight accompanied by free alcohol and non alcohol drinks. The meals were very good with a mix between traditional and standard choices. We were given out the blankets and self inflated pillows. We have also received the small travel packages with tooth brush, toothpaste, ear phones, and eye mask for sleep. This is all in the economy class. We were pleasantly impressed by the service and everything else.

If you ever have a chance to fly AZAL, you should try and you will not regret it.

The following are some pictures from the trip in the Economy class!

AZAL flight route from JFK to Baku


In addition to the great service and comfortable flight, the Boeing 787 offers the coolest feature: the auto dimming windows.

There is no more old plastic shade that needs to be pulled down to cover the window. Instead, there is a little button with plus and minus half buttons and the small level indicator. If you want to dim the window, you can click on the minus half button and the indicator shows the level of coverage. If you want to brighten the window, you can click on the plus half button to reduce dimming and let the sunlight in. The system generates different cool color shades such as blue, dark blue, purple, and deep purple colors.

Auto Dimming Windows in Tesla

It would have been great if Tesla can add these types of windows to their cars. This feature would add a great comfort and cool factor especially if they can support different dimming colors.

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