Tesla Global Supercharger Network Coverage

Tesla Model S Supercharger Egg Harbor Township
Tesla Model S Supercharger Egg Harbor Township

When one decides to buy an electric car, the first question that comes to mind: how big is my tank if there is a tank and where do I refill especially on longer trips? Electric cars such as Tesla are designed and built to be more efficient than ICE cars. So the “running out of energy because my reservoir is small” worry should be partially alleviated. Nevertheless and naturally, all of us, electric car chauffeurs, are more conscious about energy consumption than ICE car drivers. More often than not, I regularly witness gentle Tesla drivers and maniac ICE car drivers. I strongly believe that auto insurance should drastically be reduced for all of us collectively.

Owners of ICE cars including my pre-Tesla self do not for most part care about consumption and have no concerns since the petroleum infrastructure exists in every corner of the world for the most part.

Compared to any car manufacturer promising to build new electric cars or have electric cars on the market, I believe that Tesla is the only company that has invested and committed to growing the auto charging stations. Take Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, GM, Jaguar, all either have or are building electric cars. But only few have or plan to build charging stations. Recently, I have read that even petroleum companies such as Shell are planning to add electric charging stations to their gas stations since they have admitted that electric cars are not going away any time soon.

The question is: Where in the world is the best place to own the Tesla? I have explored the Tesla Model S Navigation Map and found continents that have most or least red Tesla Supercharger station flags. By just looking at the number of these red supercharger station flags, we can quickly realize the coverage. I will first start with continents that have no or least coverage and continue until we get to the last one with the most stations.


There are no Tesla Supercharging stations in Africa continent. Even though, Elon himself is from this region, there are no Tesla presence in this continent. There are many reasons for this but one is that most countries are in bad shape economically.

No Tesla Supercharging network in Africa

South America

Even though South American countries are close to North America, there is surprisingly no Tesla superchargers here. I am guessing this is again related to economic situation in most of these countries. How many of South Americans can afford a moderately expensive Tesla Model 3?

No Tesla Supercharging Networks in South America


Alaska is part of the United States but has no Tesla charging stations just as Hawaii. I am guessing the climate and the terrain is too harsh. Also, the area itself is not very populated. Compared to Alaska, Norway is an outstanding exception.

Alaska has no Tesla Superchargers


Although there is a growing interest in electric cars in Russia and in some post Soviet countries, there is still no charging stations in this vast land. There are many cool YouTube videos from Russian and Ukrainian unofficial Tesla mechanics taking Tesla apart and sharing their experiences. Not sure what is the percentage of the general population that can really afford a Tesla or interested to have it. And, also I do not think Elon likes that Soyuz rocket taking their SpaceX business too much. Imagine Soyuz goes to the Mars first, this would be a gloomy day for SpaceX.

Russia does not have any Tesla Superchargers


Although India is growing at a very fast pace similar to China, there are no Tesla superchargers present in the area. This is true for all South Asian countries. I am guessing the economics of owning a Tesla is not working out for better portion of population.

No Tesla Superchargers in India

Middle East

Only superchargers that can be seen in this region are in Dubai and Emirates. This should not be surprising. The well being of the whole region is not at its best to say the least.

Only Emirates have Tesla Superchargers in the Middle East

New Zealand

We are slowly coming closer to the continents that have some Tesla Superchargers. In the picture below, we can see that Kiwis like to drive their Teslas. There are enough superchargers to drive through the whole island.

New Zealand has Tesla Supercharges


There are many Tesla Supercharges mainly in the populated coastal cities. But, if we decide to drive from Adelaide to Perth, it will take 28 hours with no supercharges between the two points. We are not going to make it.

Australia has Tesla Superchargers

Japan and South Korea

As you can see in the picture below, there are Tesla Supercharges to cover distances between the main cities in both Japan and South Korea. I think you would agree that there is no shortage of chargers on these islands.

Japan and South Korea have Tesla Superchargers

China and Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island and as you can see it is almost covered with Tesla Superchargers. They must have an increasing number of Tesla owners. China is a huge and growing market for electric cars. Tesla is working hard to grow the number of supercharging stations in this country and also the number of cars sold including the newest Model 3.

China and Taiwan have Tesla Superchargers


This should not be a surprise but European countries such as Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Sweden were one of the first ones to start adopting electric cars and as you can see in the map below, the abundance of supercharges in these areas is astonishing. We should especially note Norway. The small country in the north of Europe but the first one to adopt so many Tesla cars. Eastern Europe is not there yet but I am sure they are working on it.

Europe has a vast Tesla Supercharging network

United States

And the winner of this continental Tesla Superchargers Marathon is of course the United States. Just look at the map and realize how many superchargers Tesla has installed so far. Just recently, they have opened a new supercharger in the center city of the Philadelphia and more are planned to open in the area close by. There should really be no excuses to not consider Tesla as your next best choice for an electric car.

United States has the most number of Superchargers

Mexico also has a quite good coverage of Tesla superchargers. However, as we saw before and compared to other Latino American countries, Mexico is an exception.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. It should give you a good high level overview of the Tesla presence across the globe. It is truly a multi national electric car manufacturer and infrastructure company. We hope they continue to make great progress in the future and stay innovative and honest to their customer base.

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Tesla Global Supercharger Network
Tesla Global Supercharger Network
Tesla's Supercharger Network is vast and growing. As Tesla driver, I can easily find Tesla charging station anywhere and charging stations are very easy to use and provide fast under an hour charging. However, Tesla charging stations are not free.
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