Tesla Autopilot Errors or Ghosts

Tesla Autopilot Errors and problems in Rain, Dark, and Summon
Tesla Autopilot Errors and problems in Rain, Dark, and Summon

Has anyone noticed that Tesla Autopilot autopilot can see ghosts?

In the main driver display, I quite often observe objects and people that do not exist in the real life. So, next time you drive, pay close attention to your driver display because you may just discover your own mysterious objects.

This is the second time I experience this type of anomaly. First was when I have worked on the project using Microsoft Kinect cameras in the past and also have discovered few ghosts. These were:

  • Skeleton sticks sitting in the chair
  • Skeleton sticks standing in the corner of the room
  • Skeletons appearing and disappearing

In fact, there was a team of paranormal investigators who used Kinect cameras to hunt ghosts.

Kinect Ghost Hunting

Tesla Ghosts appear just as randomly as the Kinect camera ghosts but many can be reproduced. You need to be patient and attentive ghost hunter to see them. Better, however, you need to start to understand how the Tesla’s Image Recognition system works and what mistakes it can make. Lets go over the abnormalities that I have experienced so far and was able to photograph. Enjoy my collection of Tesla ghosts:)

Autopilot Ghost Person Error

Ghost Person Behind Tesla

I often find this person following my car when driving in the moderate to heavy rain. As soon as I see this ghost, I always check the back up camera and I see no one. Surely, I do not expect anyone running behind the car at 40 mph but I still check maybe someone has decided to cross the road at the moment.

Tesla cameras do show people if they approach the car or cross the road in front or behind the car. This is actually a very nice feature.

I suspect that this ghost appears due to image recognition system errors generated by the water droplets on the cameras. The droplets may take a shape of the person and so system is confused.

Ghost Person Following Tesla

Once, we had one of those super windy days in Philadelphia. There was a tall trash can on the road in front of the car. I drove around the trash can so that it was behind the car. And, again, for few seconds, I saw ghost person in the driver display. This time, Tesla’s machine learning managed to mistake the trash can for a person. This was a surprise!

Autopilot Ghost Biker Error

Ghost Bike Rider following Tesla

Bike rider is another common ghost that I see when driving in the rain. Again, I always check the back up camera to make sure that I really do have a biker following me. Most of the time, there is no biker and it is just a machine learning mistaking rain droplets for a person on a motorcycle.

Or maybe, there are ghosts and I am too naive to think that this is the system error. You tell me 🙂

Autopilot Person Morphing into Biker Ghost Error

Ghost Person transforming into the Biker behind Tesla

This was an interesting experience for both my daughter and myself. She and I saw this morphing in the driver display running in the continuous loop for few seconds. It was long enough for me to take a picture. Again, this happened when driving on the rainy day.

Autopilot Elliptical Machine Person Ghost Error

Elliptical Machine mistaken for a person

I regularly park Tesla in the garage between our family van on the left and the elliptical machine on the right. As you can see in the picture above, first, Tesla’s machine learning decided that I have a big truck on the left even though it is a normal size van. Second, it is clearly mistaking an elliptical machine for a person.

It actually gets worse in the picture below:

Left – Family Van
Right Front – Elliptical machine
Right Rear – Tall Trash Cans

Tesla’s camera has discovered two big trucks on both sides and a person in the garage. In reality, there is a family van on the left; elliptical machine on the right front and behind the elliptical machine, there are two tall trash cans.

Yet another example of mistakes in the garage is below:

Tesla Camera has mistaken a tall dill pickle jar for person

We had a tall dill pickles jar standing between our cars in the garage for sometime. We could not find a better place for them and the garage was so cold that we used it as a fridge. In this case, Tesla’s Camera has mistaken the pickles jar for a person. Also, the elliptical machine and the two trash cans were mistaken for two large trucks.

Autopilot Full Self Driving

It is amazing how the new technology is progressing and I am sure that Tesla will fix these problems as time passes by. They are collecting so much data from our cars everyday, it is only a matter of time when these cars will be fully autonomous. I am having fun observing these errors at this time. Hope you will also find this entertaining. Let me know what you find in your car. I will keep adding more autopilot mistakes or errors as I discover them. Few of them I can regularly reproduce but others are more unique.

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2 Comments on "Tesla Autopilot Errors or Ghosts"

  1. One night while parked in my driveway on a clear evening in my model S I noticed an image of a person on the AP display. I looked up and there was no one there. I looked back through the rear window thinking the person was in back of me…there was no one. The image persisted on the display for about a minute then disappeared. It happened again about three days later and hasn’t happened since. There were no objects in the driveway in front or back of the car


  2. Same thing happpened to me. I.almost crapped my pants. In my driveway at 2am. Nobody around. The ghost waas looking in my window.


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