Flying Cars

The idea of flying cars is not new and has been around for years. Recently, there are many small start up companies all over the world working on such vehicles. I think with the advent of Drones, the dream of flying cars becoming reality faster than we might have imaged.

Another interesting development which I think is contributing to the renewed interest in flying cars is this whole movement to the electric cars. So the combination of progress in both Drone technology and electric batteries and engines in cars is paving a way to the new flying machines.

BlackFly by Opener

One such flying vehicle is BlackFly designed and developed by Opener:

It is a small flying machine which can only fit one adult passenger at this time. But, it is all electric and is capable of vertical take off and landing, cruise control, take off and landing assist.

So no need for the long runway, this vehicle is VTOL, vertical take off and landing. This means you can take off from your backyard.


BlackFly is all electric and consumes less electric energy than Tesla:

245 Wh/mi versus Tesla 270 to 300 Wh/mi

The range with 25% reserve is only 25 miles. This unfortunately only covers my one way daily commute range. Then, I would need to recharge 🙂

This is not a race car with Max cruise speed at 62 mph. However, this is a good speed for a daily commuter.

Operating Ceiling

There is no mention in specs how high one can climb in the BlackFly. There is also no mention what is the normal operating flying altitude. This is a very important aspect of any flying vehicle.


BlackFly does not have wings. Actually it does have wings but they are small and carry electric engines. In this respect, it is very similar to a Drone.

Since there is no wings, it has a compact design and allows for more versatility.

Weather Conditions

The max wind speed for take off and landings is 25 mph. This is important to note because if you live in the area with high winds, you will not be able to fly.

It seems that at this time this vehicle can only handle a non-precipitating conditions. This means you cannot fly in rain or snow. So, no commute by air when it is raining or snowing.


It is not clear how much this vehicle would cost. I heard from the news that it will cost as much as the SUV. For the price of SUV to get the flying personal vehicle such as this is actually not bad deal. My only concern is limited range and also it is not clear if the cabin provides heating and air conditioning.

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